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Huaca Wasi in Cusco

Huacahuasi is located in the district of Lares, Calca province, in Cusco. Huaca Wasi in Cusco is the first camp on the Lares Trek route to Machu Picchu, it is located at 3770 meters above sea level.

Tourism in Huacahuasi in Perú

Lares is located north of Cusco in the province of Calca and is made up of communities such as Huacahuasi in Perú, Cochayoc and Challhuaccocha which are at an altitude of 3800 meters above sea level.

On this route, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and meet local people who still maintain their customs. You can also enjoy wonderful views of the snow-capped peaks of Pitusiray (5750m.) And Chicon (5500m.).

On the heights of this cozy valley, you can share with families their simple and homely way of life and enjoy the thermal baths of Lares, which are famous for their healing properties, whose water temperatures range between 36 ° C – 44 ° C.


  • Learn about their main activity: llama herding.
  • Bath in the medicinal waters of Lares.

Families for Tourism

Huaca Wasi in Cusco

Tourism in Casa Pedro Ayma: With 4 bedrooms (1 triple, 1 double, 1 double and 1 single)

Cochayoc in Cusco

Tourism in Casa Juan Cjuro: With 16 beds

Challhuaccocha in Cusco

Tourism in Casa Agustín Sullcapuma: With 16 beds

Huacahuasi to Patacancha

Huacahuasi in Perú to Patacancha is an 18.8 kilometer point-to-point trail located near Lares, Cusco. It has a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options.