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Frequently asked questions from our customers

Where is the city of Puno located?

Location of the department of Puno is located in the south east of the Peruvian territory, it is located on the shores of Lake Titikaka, the highest navigable lake in the world, at 3,827 meters above sea level. It is the centre of the conjunction of two great cultures: Quechua and Aymara, which gave rise to an incomparable heritage of customs, rites and beliefs. The main cities are: Puno, Juliaca, Juli, Azángaro, Lampa and Ayaviri.



According to INEI estimates, the department of Puno has a population of 198 179 inhabitants.


Puno is located at an average altitude of 3,827 m.a.s.l. as maximum, and an altitude: Minimum: 820 msnm.

What is the climate like in the city of Puno?

The climate in Puno is short, cool and cloudy summers; the winters are short, very cold and mostly clear, and the climate is dry all year round. The temperature varies from -4 °C to 17 °C, most of the year; it rarely drops to -6 °C or rises above 19°C.

Puno’s climate is cold, moderately rainy and with a moderate thermal amplitude. The annual average maximum and minimum temperature is between 14.4 °C and 2.7 °C.

How to get to Puno?

The city of Puno offers different alternatives to get there depending on the origin of the trip.

 *By air from the cities of Lima, Cuzco and Arequipa.

  *By land from Lima and all the cities in the south of Peru, and by train from the city of Cuzco.

Did you know that, in recent years, Puno has become an alternative point of entry to Peru, especially for those who after visiting Bolivia, enter through the road La Paz – Desaguadero – Puno, or Copacabana – Yunguyo – Pomata – Puno.

Meaning of Puno

Puno is known as the Capital of Peruvian Folklore, it is an accumulation of folklore and colourful costumes in each of its streets, also known as the “City of the Sacred Lake”, since in its lands is located Lake Titicaca, famous for having been the Pacarina, from which, according to the myth, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo would have emerged.

The Floating Islands

These are a set of artificial living surfaces made of totora reeds, an aquatic plant that grows on the surface of Lake Titicaca.

The highest navigable lake in the world, and the starting point for tours to the islands of Uros, Taquile and Amantani.

Best times to visit Puno City

All year round is a good time to visit the city of Puno, you should take into consideration the activities you will be doing to see when to travel; for example:

July is the coldest month of the year.

The rainiest months are December, January and February. Puno celebrates its biggest festival, the Virgen de la Candelaria festival which is celebrated from January 29th to February 11th.

The best time to visit Puno and its tourist attractions, including Lake Titicaca, Floating Island of Uros, Chullpas of Sillustani, Amantani and others is the dry season between April and October.

The best time to visit Puno is after or before the rainy season (December to March) and, if possible, avoiding the high season of July/August. If you are visiting Cusco on the same trip, please note that the Inca Trail closes in February for maintenance.

Places to visit in Puno

Lake Titicaca

With an altitude of 3,810 m.a.s.l., it has an extension of 36,180 hectares.

The name of Lake Titicaca, comes etymologically from Titi which means cat or Puma, and Kaka with the meaning of stone.

Lake Titicaca is the protagonist of two of the best known legends of the Peruvian region.  It is said that the world was born here and also that the two founders of the Inca empire emerged from the depths of Lake Titicaca.

Uros Island

The island of Uros is located in the city of Puno. In order to get there you have to take a boat from the port to the floating islands of Uros, which sail on the waters of Lake Titicaca.

Overnight stay on the floating island of the Uros.

Chullpas of Sillustani

Sillustani is a funerary complex in which you can see a series of tombs belonging to the Kolla culture. One of the most famous is the chullpa de Lagarto (lizard chullpa).

Amantani Island

Let yourself be captivated by the magic and Andean mysticism of Amantani, one of the largest islands in Lake Titicaca, where every corner is a source of energy and every moment a reason to celebrate and learn with the locals.

Tinajani Canyon

Tinajani is a tourist attraction in the region of Puno. Where natural wealth and culture come together. The very same that surrounds its ravines and its stone forest.

Island of the Sun

The Island of the Sun is located in the centre of Lake Titicaca; considered as one of the highest formations in the world at 3.814 m.a.s.l. and with an approximate surface of 9.6 kilometres, being one of the biggest surfaces of the Sacred Lake.  There are many stories about the Island of the Sun.

One legend mentions that the main god Inti lived there. The legend also says that he created his son, Manco Capac and his daughter Mama Ocllo there.

Puno Travel Guides

Get ready for an immersion into the wonderful history and culture of Puno. Our travel guide will help you plan your trip to this city, rich in history with one of the best food scenes in the Americas.

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Find your new favourite accommodation in Puno, Peru. We have a variety of options for your accommodation in Puno, from Superior to standard, in the best area of Lima, with access to tourist sites, easy access to transportation and entertainment.


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