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What to do in Iquitos? Peru.

Hello bloggers, today I’m going to talk, write about what to do in the main city of the Peruvian Amazon, Iquitos. See more by reading on our blog.

History of Iquitos:

If you’re going to Peru to discover, to experience the Amazon rainforest, you need to g to Iquitos in Peru, that is the gateway to the Peruvian Amazon.

Iquitos it is the world’s largest city inaccessible by road, it is an amazing experience landing there. It is located in the Amazon jungle, and it is a 2-hours flight from Lima, the capital of Peru.

Today, Iquitos is the most crowded city in the Peruvian Amazon, with about 480,000 inhabitants approx.

Iquitos is isolated by the surrounding rivers and jungle, with no road access to the outside world, the city has acquired a unique culture whose European influences can still be seen in the architecture of the historic likes:

The Casa Morey and the Casa de Fierro, that was designed by French, Gustavo Eiffel, and a charm that attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Jungle Excursion tour:

The main reason to visit Iquitos is, of course, to go on a jungle excursion tours, and sailing along the Amazon, watching sloths and pink dolphins, etc… This one of the best things I’ve experienced in Peru, South America.

You can find lodges along all the rivers, we from Dreamy Tours Agency we offer excursions for Iquitos, with English guides, like 4 days 3 jungles excursion tours, with professional natives

Square 28 De Julio:

She is a beautiful square that has been recently renovated, it is the largest square in the city of Iquitos, situated in the centre and a good place to get some fresh air on a hot afternoon.

If you plan to visit the place with your kids: they can skate or enjoy a bike ride, it has benches to sit on, it’s pretty cool this square to relax enjoy the day with the family and friends.

The Island of the Monkeys:

Monkey Island (Isla de los Monos in Spanish) it is 29 km from the city of Iquitos, is a rescue centre for monkeys, known as La Isla De Los Monos or in English; Monkey Island.

This place rescues, rehabilitates and releases monkeys back into the wild. The visitors can observe, see the monkeys up close and even play with them, as they are not kept in cages and the monkeys are very friendly there.

How to get to Iquitos Peru:

The most common, easy fast way to get to Iquitos is by plane from Lima, which receives most international flights, the Iquitos airport it is located about 6 km from the city of Iquitos.

The Flights from Lima to Iquitos take about an 1.30 minutes, every day have flights, Lima to Iquitos – Iquitos Lima.

Due to the city’s degree of isolation and the geographical difficulty of the Peruvian Amazon, the city of Iquitos has no roads that allow land transportation.

You can also reach by sailing the Amazon River, but these are long trips that take several days by boat.

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