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Personal Data Protection Policies

In compliance with Law No. 29733 – Personal Data Protection Law- and its Regulation No. 003-2013-JUS, I authorize and grant DREAMY TOURS, indefinitely, my free, prior, express, unequivocal and informed consent to that (by itself or through third parties):

Collect, process or delete, transfer or import, export my personal data, to create Databases, transfer them to third parties linked or not to DREAMY TOURS (whether commercial partners or not, national or foreign, public or private) with the purpose of of:

(i) Grant me the requested service and/or (ii) Inform me about new services that are related to the service(s) purchased and/or (iii) Establish a communication that allows me to provide information related to other services, contests and content that may be of my interest and/or offers and/or promotions and/or alliances and/or advertising, among others, contests and content that may be of interest to the owner of DREAMY TOURS and/or any other company that belongs or may belong to the to DREAMY TOURS, domiciled or not in the country (directly and/or through related or unrelated third parties). (iv) Evaluate the quality of its services and/or (v) Determine the level of customer satisfaction and/or Store and process my personal data for statistical and/or historical purposes for DREAMY TOURS and/or linked or unlinked third parties and/or any other company that belongs or may in the future belong to DREAMY TOURS.

I have been informed that: (i) if I do not grant this consent, my information will only be used (processed) for the execution (development) and fulfillment of the service that I contract, (ii) I may revoke my consent at any time, communicating my decision in writing at any of the DREAMY TOURS offices, which will not affect the use of my data or the content of the Databases for the execution and fulfillment of the transaction that I celebrate with you, (iii) I will be able to exercise my rights of access , rectification, cancellation and opposition of my data in accordance with current legislation.