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After visiting Machupicchu. What to do in Aguas Calientes village?

Hello bloggers, today we will talk about what to do in Aguas Calientes- Machupicchu pueblo after your visit to the archaeological site of MachuPicchu. Read more in the blog below.

Hot springs of Aguas Calientes -Machupicchu pueblo:

In the same village of Aguas Calientes, up the main street, at the end you will see find, the entrance to the hot springs. It’s really nice place to relax after a trek. There, you can try in the bar the cocktails and typical beers of the region of Cusco, Peru.

Every day the pools are emptied and washed and filled the next day, you can’t miss the natural thermal pools club if you come to visit MachuPicchu someday.

Artisan handcraft Market:

The artisan market in Machupicchu village, you must visit, there you will find souvenirs, typical clothes, local handicrafts, necklaces, rings in silver or gold rings, even if you don’t want to buy anything, it is worth a visit there.

Main square + Church Virgen del Carmen:

Being catholic or not, you can’t miss this little church in the main square (Plaza Manco Capac), the only one in the Aguas Calientes village – Machupicchu Pueblo. It has beautiful image of the virgin of Carmen, and it was built with stones, have stone Incas walls, very beautiful inside indeed.

Manuel Chávez Ballón Museum:

For those who like museums, obviously you must visit the museum, that has more than 330 pieces of ceramics, metals and stones found in the same citadel archaeological site of MachuPicchu.

The Museum deposit also have more than 900 pieces for been restored and studied for future exhibitions.

Stone Chronology Circuit:

Cronicas en Piedra Machu Picchu Pueblo

It consists of 40 sculptures carved in granite stone that highlight the cultural identity and make reference to the Andean worldview and folklore of Cusco.

They are spread all over the village of Aguas Calientes – Machupicchu Pueblo, in the same (Plaza Manco Capac) they give you a free brochure that shows you all these stone attractions and others more around Aguas Calientes.

Allcamayo Waterfalls:

For those who like waterfalls, 20 minutes’ walk and only 5 soles entrance fee, you will find, see the waterfalls of Allcamayo, CATARATA ALLCAMAYO WATER FALL, easy to get to, and before you arrive you will see 2 small waterfalls, until you get to the big one.

It is worth it for those who like adventure and also have time to visit, so don’t miss these waterfalls in Machupicchu pueblo, Aguas Calientes village.

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