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Magic Water Circuit in Lima, Perú

Hello bloggers, today we are going to talk, write about the magic water circuit in Lima, Peru. Learn more by reading on our blog.

About the Magic Water Circuit:

Between the busy Arequipa and Paseo de la República avenues in Lima is the Reserve Park, better known as the Magic Water Circuit in Lima Perú, a place where Lima residents and tourists who visit our capital can escape the bustle from the city enjoying a unique experience.

What makes the Magic Water Circuit in Lima Perú so special? The first thing is that, with five traditional fountains and thirteen cybernetic fountains (controlled by computer), the Water Park holds the Guinness record for being the largest set of fountains in the world located in a public park.

On the other hand, when night falls, the Magic Water Circuit in Lima Perú begins with its light and sound show. Measuring 120 meters long and more than 20 meters wide, the Fantasy Fountain is the stage in which a hydraulic choreography is performed that synchronizes the movement of water, colour and music.

Thus, the water from this fountain becomes a large screen on which images of Peru are projected, accompanied by Peruvian music.

¿What is the Magic Water Circuit in Lima?

The Magic Water Circuit is a park in Lima Perú Lima where you can enjoy a night show of water fountains and lights.

The Magic Water Circuit is located as Parque la Reserva and is also known as the Parque de las Aguas, being one of the must-do activities in Lima.

It was inaugurated in 2007 and in 2009 it was awarded the Guinness record for being the tallest fountain complex in the world in a public park.

What to see in the Magic Water Circuit?

The Magic Water Circuit is an amazing tour of 13 ornamental fountains that are electronically controlled and together with a set of synchronized lights offer a visual spectacle.

The most impressive are the projections of dancers in motion in a giant cloud of water that forms in the main source of the Parque de las Aguas.

People can enter some of the fountains and interact with the water jets.

Especially in one of the fountains that forms a long water and that can be crossed by visitors.

Magic Water Circuit Hours

The Magic Water Circuit Opening Hours are from Tuesday to Sunday from 3:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Even on holidays.

Magic Water Circuit Shows Hours are: 7.15pm, 8.15pm and 9.30pm.

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