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5 Reasons to visit Peru in South America.

Hi bloggers, today I am going to write about, the reasons why everyone should visit Peru at least once in their lifetime. Stay tuned reading more in our blog below.

Curiosities about Peru:

The New Transformers Movie (The Rise of the Beasts): filmed 2021, Cusco, MachuPicchu, Peru.

The new Transformers movie (The Rise of the Beasts) that will be released in 2023 was shot in Peru at the end of 2021, and 99% of the filming was in Cusco, MachuPicchu and some scenes in Nasca.

2008 – Indiana Jones 4 (The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).

And in 2008 Indiana Jones 4 (The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) was recorded, it had scenes in Nasca and in the Peruvian Amazon and a scene in Cusco.

Since it made references to the PARACAS culture, of the elongated skulls, deformed, that today people talk, mixed theory of the (The Gods Were Astronauts -Erich von Daniken).

1° Machu Picchu lost city of the Incas:

Without doubt the first reason to visit Peru, is the lost city of the Incas, the famous (el dorado) as it was known by the ancient Spanish, who thank God never found by then, if it did not exist or would have been destroyed in the conquest and looted for sure.

Machupicchu today is one of the 7 wonders of the world, which is in fashion as the pyramids of Egypt, the Parthenon in Greece, Coliseum in Italy, etc…

Thus, it was known to the ancient Spaniards, which thank God they never found, thanks to fight of (Emperor Manco Inca in Ollantaytambo fortress).

Otherwise, it would surely have been destroyed like many Inca monuments, by the conquest of the ancient Spaniards, the famous gold rush as it was known by then.

Especially for lovers of ancient history, only those who have visited and been there know the magnitude of the lost city of the Incas, especially those who reach it through the INCA TRAIL 2 DAYS or 4 DAYS, through the Sun’s door.

If you are going to visit Machu Picchu, come by the Inca trail of 2 days, for those who do not have much time. Don’t Miss … !

2° Cusco the ancient capital of the Inca Empire:

Cusco is a wonderful city, full of Inca constructions, temples, palaces, walls, etc..

A city full of life and people from all over the world, full of pubs, bars, restaurants, museums, live shows, etc…

A city full of nightlife, a small city that seems a big metropolis because it does not stop, 24hrs always everything is open, a city that breathes a lot of culture, history, etc …

3° Arequipa the white city of El Misti Volcano:

For people coming from a country that don’t have a Volcano, Arequipa is a city that leaves us speechless, after Machu Picchu of course.

In case you never saw a volcano, Arequipa will leave you open mouth, already the volcano el Misti is in the same city of Arequipa, even the city is all white, because it was built with the silar stones, white stones taken from the same volcano, nice, isn’t it?

There are other attractions related to colonial and inca architecture in Arequipa and there are several volcanoes, but the most famous one is el Misti.

4° The Mysterious Nazca Lines:

If you are one of those who are attracted by mystery, you cannot miss the Nazca Lines and all that these millenary geoglyphs hide, whose origin is still not known for sure.

Taking a light plane and flying over the desert is a real adventure and the best way to see the most remarkable figures, some of which are up to kilometres long, from the heights.

5°Lima the capital of Peru:

Of course we cannot forget to talk about Lima, the capital of Peru with its beautiful beaches and its famous Shopping Mall, which was built facing the sea and carved in stone, as Lima’s beach lies below the city, like a gorge, very beautiful.

Lima is full of parks to walk, with a very beautiful waterfront, full of museums and lots of history, no doubt you can not miss visiting Lima.

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