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Tours in Trujillo

Tours in Trujillo, the capital of the department of La Libertad.

Dreamy Tours offers you to explore the ancient city of Trujillo through a tour. Take a trip to the cradle of the Libertine culture, visit ancient Inca cities and enjoy all that this beautiful region has to offer.

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Best Excursions and Guided Tours Trujillo

Frequently asked questions from our customers

Where is the city of Trujillo located?

Trujillo is a province located in the north of Peru, Trujillo is called “The city of Eternal Spring” also known for the country’s traditional dance “La Marinera”, it is located in the department of La Libertad, in the centre of the colony. It houses the great Trujillo Cathedral with its bright yellow facade and the Urquiaga house in blue.



In Trujillo during the course of the year, the temperature generally varies from 17 °C to 26 °C and rarely drops below 15 °C or rises above 28 °C.

On average, the mildest months are January, February, March, April, May and December.

Trujillo has dry periods in May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.


34 m.sn.m.


Captain FAP Carlos Martínez de P. Airport.


In the city of Trujillo, you will be able to find a variety of hotels, from a superior hotel to a standard hotel, according to your preference.

Most visited places in Trujillo

Trujillo Cathedral

In Trujillo you can observe an infinite number of temples of different architectural styles. This cathedral was inaugurated in the year 1616 by the local diocese, on February 14th 1619 an earthquake destroyed it, in the year 1647 they rebuilt it, so that it could support the telluric movements affecting the Peruvian coast.

Church of San Agustin

This is a church whose first construction only preserves some vestiges such as the facade and the side murals, like the central cathedral which was rebuilt in the 20th century, today in the church of San Agustin different paintings of the Italian school can be appreciated, the decoration of the capital hall which stores the old carved cathedral.

 This place of faith currently stores works of enormous value, such as: the chest of drawers, the choir stalls, its pictorial collection, the coffered ceiling of the antechamber and also, the primordial cloister with precious portals. One of Trujillo’s tourist attractions worth visiting.

Huaca of the Sun and the Moon

The most important structures of the Moche culture, these huacas are located in the urban core of Moches.  On the facade you can see a series of characters such as the mountain deity with belts ending in the head of a condor, foxes with trophy heads, fishermen, a snake, characters holding hands or the priests of rituals.

The Huacas of the Sun and the Moon are located 6 kilometres southeast of Trujillo and are part of the well-known Moche Route. It is a building in the form of a stepped pyramid about 43 metres high. It has 5 large terraces, the largest is 80 metres long and 18 metres high. It is crowned by a 23 metre pyramid on each side.

El Brujo Archaeological Complex

This is a ceremonial centre that tells a story of over 5,000 years of human occupation. Traces of different cultures can be found here.

A ceremonial centre which tells the story of over 5,000 years of human occupation, where vestiges of the different ancestral cultures of Peru can be found. Here you will find incredibly preserved figures in the murals of its pyramids. In 2006, the mummy of the Señora de Cao, a female ruler of the Moche culture, was discovered.

How to get to the El Brujo Archaeological Complex: It is located 60 km north of Trujillo on the Panamericana Norte Highway. From the city centre you can take a taxi to the complex. In Denomades we offer the Brujo and Dama de Cacao tour which includes shared transportation and an expert guide.

Chan Chan

It is the largest pre-Columbian adobe city in the Americas and the second largest in the world. It was the capital of the Chimú kingdom and was composed of a total of ten citadels with over 100,000 workshops, pyramidal temples, streets and walls.

Balneario Huanchaco Beach Resort

Huanchaco beach is the ideal destination for surf lovers and for those who want to enjoy the best seafood dishes of Peruvian gastronomy. Here you will see the spectacular sunset from the pier, as well as the amazing totora horses, up to four metres high, that decorate all beach.

Best times to visit the city of Trujillo

Trujillo in the city known as the city of eternal spring. The climate is good all year round, with short, hot and cloudy summers; the winter is long and partly cloudy and dry skies all year round.

It is best to visit in the summer season, so you can take the opportunity to visit other cities in La Libertad and northern Peru and enjoy their beaches and gastronomy.

Trujillo Travel Guides

Get ready for an immersion into the wonderful history and culture of Trujillo. Our travel guide will help you plan your trip to this city, rich in history with one of the best food scenes in the Americas.

Transportation in Trujillo

Dreamy Tours, has years of experience in tourist transport in Peru. This allows us to guarantee the quality of our service. We offer tourist, corporate, luxury, business and private transportation to meet all your requirements.

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Accommodation in Trujillo

Find your new favourite accommodation in Trujillo, Peru. We have a variety of options for your accommodation in Trujillo, from Superior to standard, in the best area of Trujillo, with access to tourist sites, easy access to transportation and entertainment.


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