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Cycling the Death Road “yungas” in La Paz, Bolivia.

Hello bloggers, today I will write, talk about this adrenaline downhill bike in the Death Route, known as Yungas road in Bolivia, today is a popular downhill cycling route. Read more in the blog below…

About the Death Road:

It is also known as the most dangerous road in the world or the Yungas road, or “Ruta de la Muerte in Spanish”. A spectacular and narrow stone road that connects the Bolivian altiplano with the city of Coroico, located in the so-called Yungas region, in the Amazon jungle in the north of the country.

The distance between La Paz and Yolosa is only 72 km, ascending to the highest point which is the Summit 4600 m.a.s.l., a region really beautiful for the contrast of nature and the change of climate in an incredible way, in this region two fundamental characteristics stand out; the geography and the climate.

Starting from the summit, it is a descent of, 3500 meters downhill in approximately 4 hours until you reach the village of Yolosa in Bolivia.

The Cycling in the Death Road:

Nowadays, it is fashionable among adventurous, tourists arriving in Bolivia in La Paz, everyone wants to do the bike descent, we from Dreamy Tours Agency offer this cycling tour in La Paz, Bolivia.

The Name of Death Road:

It is also called the Yungas Trail because it is located in a unique tropical area in Bolivia. It is one of the most sought-after attractions for tourists travelling to Bolivia and is gaining more and more followers every year.

The origin of the Camino de la Muerte:

The need to connect La Paz with the Yungas, an area located northeast of the capital in the Central Andes, was the motivation to open a trail in a region dominated by dense jungle ecosystems and mountain forests, in a very rainy climate with frequent fogs.

Who built the road:

Built by Paraguayan prisoners captured during the Chaco War, a conflict between Bolivia and Paraguay over a territorial dispute between 1932 and 1935.

The Yungas Road begins in La Paz, at an altitude of 4700 metres, and ends in the town of Yolosa, at 1200 metres above sea level with a difference in altitude of 3500 metres in just 75 kilometres.

Equipped with a single lane, which on average is 3 to 5 metres wide, the rudimentary road, apart from its steep descent, has a surface of dirt, stones and gravel where streams cross and where landslides are the order of the day, a situation that forced the creation of certain rules for driving on it.

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