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Cachiccata in Cusco, Perú- Inca Trail

Hello bloggers, today we are going to talk, write about Cachiccata in Perú. So learn more reading in the blog below.

About Cachiccata:

Cachiccata inca quarry is the place where the stones were extracted for the constructions of the cultivation terraces, temples and the entire archaeological complex of Ollantaytambo.

The adventure will take you to one of the most spectacular routes, full of beautiful and spectacular views of the Sacred Valley and the mystical city of Ollantaytambo, this is one of the beauties that hides the tour to the Sacred Valley in all its splendour.

This place was dedicated to the carving and extraction of the stones that were used for the construction of Ollantaytambo and many surrounding areas.


Dreamy Tours Travel Agency:

We from Dreamy recommend the Inca Quarry Trek to Machupicchu 4 days.

What attractions does the Cachiccata have?

It has three groups of quarries Inca Trail:

  • Molle Pucro, the most accessible and popular Inca quarry.
  • Sirkusirkuyoc (it was the largest of the three), shows evidence of having been in full operation when the Spanish entered this area.
  • Kantirayoq or Cacchicata, where another type of extraction of minerals and precious stones was practised.

We will also visit the slopes of Cachiccata, the Paqariqtampu pyramid and the imposing surrounding snow-capped mountains.

We can find the so-called “Tired Stones” that remained during the journey to Ollantaytambo and in some parts of the village.

In the same way, we can observe the great work they did when moving the gigantic stones to build the Ollantaytambo precincts.

This place is also known for the Intipunku (cover of the Sun), considered a Sacred place of Spiritual retreat since ancient times, where you can feel the energy of the Apus (spirits of the mountains) and recharge with positive energies in the heights of the Sacred Valley.


Make sure you are well-fed; You can bring snacks such as energy bars, nuts, chocolates.

Drink water: Staying hydrated during the walk is very important.

Drink Mate de Coca or chew Coca Leaves will help reduce and prevent altitude sickness.

Sunscreen: Make sure to apply sunscreen at least every 02 hours and wear sunglasses accompanied by a cap or hat.

Rain protection: There is always a chance of rain, so be sure to wear rain gear.

Bring warm and waterproof jackets and light clothing for the sun.

This walk to Cachiccata will be an unforgettable experience with the best service provided by our quality professionals, you will be enchanted with so much beauty that nature offers us, after undertaking this cultural journey, you will return full of the ancestral spirit of the Incas and with a little piece of the Andes in your heart.

The beautiful region of Cusco surprises us every time with the wonders it has, doing this type of trekking will encourage our adventurous spirit much more and will make us dare to do many more walks to know the Peruvian wonders, as is the case of doing the tour to Machu Picchu, Salkantay Trekking, Inca Trail Tour and many more.

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