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Arequipa in Perú

Arequipa is ruled by its volcanoes. We see it on the walls of its streets, buildings and churches; in the wonderful geography that gives us a fertile valley and deep canyons. Can you imagine enjoying a thermal bath while looking at the green mountains crowned by eternal snows?

Arequipa is a place to stay, for its unique food, for its history, for its majestic cordiality.

Arequipa, the legendary and historical white city, where the nobility breathes under the eternal vigilance of its volcanoes.

Your inevitable destiny!

Weather of Arequipa in Perú

Although not everything is so good since solar radiation, as we well know, is increasing worldwide in Arequipa, the weather of Arequipa in Perú is usually between 850 and 950 watts per square meter, which is high.

The weather of Arequipa in Perú characterized by winds occur mainly at night and in the first hours of the day with a north-east direction, in the remaining hours the breezes of the valley that go to a south-west direction are felt more, being the wind speed on average 1.5 and 2.5 meters per second.

It should be noted that Arequipa belongs to the coast of Peru although it has a small part of the mountains, this makes it have a very special and varied weather of Arequipa in Perú but without reaching extremes.

Altitude of Arequipa

The altitude of Arequipa is2,335 meters above sea level

Tourist places of Arequipa to visit

As a whole, the department of Arequipa has many sites to visit, whether cultural, natural or historical, these are very varied. Let us remember that the number of volcanoes in the department is the largest in the country and its natural wealth is also very large.

Plaza de Armas

The main squares of each city are one of the main tourist attractions, in this case we can find around them numerous very colorful constructions such as the Cathedral with its museum, La Compañía church, Nuestra Señora de la Merced church and the portals.

Arequipa Cathedral

It is the main building of the Catholic religion in the department, the construction of this temple of Arequipa in Perú began in 1540 and ended in 1656. Inside this we can find a museum with vast historical religious objects, as is well known, most of the buildings in this temple of Arequipa in Perú are mostly made. by ashlar of the region.

La Compañía Church

Located in what is known as the historic center of Arequipa, it is a historical construction of the Baroque style that from the facade is already very attractive. This temple of Arequipa in Perú contains numerous pieces of the history of the region since its construction that began in 1590 and ended in 1698.

Santa Catalina Monastery

It is like a citadel of 20 thousand square meters and is used by the nuns of the place, the material used to be built is historical and it is about keeping as it was I just built in 1579, here you can find cloisters and very pleasant gardens for the view.

Colca Canyon

With an altitude of 3191 meters above sea level, the Colca landscape is a place for intrepid tourists since their walk can be somewhat risky, in this site you can see large condors flying in their habitat and archaeological remains accompanied by the flora very pleasant for visitors.

Misti Volcano

It is visible from the city of Arequipa, it is considered an active volcano, reaching an altitude of 5825 meters above sea level. When climbing it, we can see the city other volcanoes such as Chachani and Pichu Pichu, without a doubt the volcanoes of the department are a very recognized attraction.

Yanahuara viewpoint

This was built in the nineteenth century consisting of several arches made of ashlar of which we can see the city, in each arch we can find inscriptions that are part of the history of the department and the country.

Other tourist attractions:

  • Sabandía.
  • San Lázaro neighborhood.
  • Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reserve.
  • House of Moral.
  • Founder’s Mansion.
  • Goyeneche House.
  • Church and museum of Santo Domingo.

Tours in Arequipa: