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Moche Culture Of The North Coast Of Peru.

Hello! Bloggers today I am going to talk about, write the Moche culture, which existed in the northern, coastal part of Peru in South America. Learn more by reading our blog below.

Moche Culture History:

The Mochicas, it was a culture, civilization from the valley of Moche, Viru, Chicama and Trujillo. Subsequently, to the south, up to the Huarmey valley, and to the north in the Piura valley.

The Moche culture flourished, settled if during the period (100 – 700 AD) and was fascinating and highly artistic civilization and Moche culture existed as a people living along the northern Peruvian coast.

Their most famous rulers were the Lord of Sipan and Lady Cao, considered pharaohs of the Americas, as they were titled by National Geographic when the intact tomb of the Lord of Sipan was discovered.

Today one can visit the remains of their pyramidal temples, palaces, fortresses and irrigation systems are proof of their high artistic development and complex technological organization.
The Moche innovated technology and metallurgical production with intensive use of copper in the manufacture of ornaments, weapons and tools.

Religion of Mochicas:

The Mohicas built the Huacas which were pyramids made of clay, they were places of worship, the most famous the Huacas of the Sun and the Moon, which today can be visited in present-day Trujilo, Peru.

The huacas were great platform mounds, built with thousands of adobe bricks, and some of them rose hundreds of feet above the valley floor.
At the top of the highest platforms were large courtyards, rooms and corridors, and a high bench for the ruler’s seat.

The monumental pyramid-shaped architecture called huacas, which were apparently partly temples, palaces, administrative centres, and ritual meeting places.
The pyramids, or huacas, were originally over fifty metres high, the two pyramids are the Huaca del Sol and the Huaca de la Luna.
Huaca de la Luna is covered with murals, or friezes, depicting the beliefs of the Moche of ancient Peru.

Archaeological evidence shows that both structures were used by the Moche for important rituals and religious ceremonies.

Discovery of Lord Sipan + Dama Cao:

The discovery of 2 royal tombs (Lord of Sipan + Dama Cao) produced a surge of research into Moche culture that has only grown during the last decades in Peru.
Research into the Moche culture of the northern coast of Peru has a long history dating back to the late 19th century, but much of it traditionally focused on the Moche artistic style with its apparently realistic portrayals of the natural world and its human inhabitants.

The Mochica culture emerged in the Early Intermediate period, between 100 and 800 AD, and developed in northern Peru.

Huacas: Temple of the Moon / Pyramid of the Sun:

Huaca del Sol, or the Pyramid of the Sun, is not yet ready to be observed by the public as excavations are still ongoing. Huaca de la Luna, or the Temple of the Moon, is the only one you can actually visit. Both buildings belong to the Moche culture.
The Temple of the Moon is built against the lower slopes of Cerro Blanco, the White Mountain, and is a very interesting monument consisting of 5 overlapping temples. They are built in different periods and in order to observe the earlier temple, the later temple must be dismantled.

The temple has been completely covered with frescos, which are still visible in most places. Restorers carefully clean the frescos of mud and dirt.

There is a museum near the temple that displays Moche ceramics and ornaments. The artefacts of the Moche culture are truly a wonderful work of art. We at DREAMY TOURS travel agency offer tours in Trujillo.

The Ceramics 0f Mochicas:

The Mochica Culture, stands out for its ceramics, considered the best in Peru.

The Mochica or Moche culture, whose ceramics are considered the best in ancient Peru as well as its architecture represented in the Huaca of sun and the moon, was a South American society, in Peru, with cities, temples, canals and farms located along the arid coast in a narrow strip between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains of Peru.

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