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Perolniyoc Waterfall

Perolniyoc is one of the most spectacular places in the Cusco region. This place perfectly combines the natural beauty of a waterfall and the majesty of the archaeological site that is located on it.

The Perolniyoc Waterfall is part of the enchanting tourist resources that the traveler can find if he visits the Ollantaytambo district, in the Urubamba province, in the Cusco region.


Perolniyoc are located in the Socma community, Ollantaytambo district and Urubamba province. It is located 80 km northeast of the city of Cusco.

Etymology of the name:

Perolniyoc is the name that the local people gave to the waterfall, and from where the archaeological site also takes its name. This is due to the two “holes” or hollows that resemble coppers through which the water falls and runs.

Perolniyoc Waterfall

Ollantaytambo also offers adventure tourist attractions. The Perolniyoc Falls is a natural attraction that includes a short trekking route.

The Perolniyoc Waterfalls are a very beautiful natural attraction located on the outskirts of Ollantaytambo. You get there on your own or through an adventure tour.

The falls have a waterfall of more than 100 meters high. The beauty of the place is one of the favorite attractions of the locals.

The Perolniyoc Waterfall has a slope of more than one hundred meters, through which the water rushes forming a thin veil that, together with the sun’s rays, seems to sparkle in the distance. The water of the Perolniyoc Waterfall, falls on a stream of water, of little depth, that is populated with medium rocks.

We will find a great variety of flora on the Perolniyoc Cascade, among which the elderberry, the qeuña and the chachacomo stand out. The base of the waterfall is located at 3460 meters above sea level.

How to get to the Perolniyoc Cascade?

Perolniyoc is a 30-minute walk from the town of Socma. You can get there by a short drive from Ollantaytambo.

The visit to this Perolniyoc Cascade is currently offered as part of trekking tours, such as the Inca Quarry Trek, that together with other places, make up a six-hour circuit. However, if the traveler does not want to opt for one of these tours and only wants to enjoy the resource on his own, he can also do so.

To get to the Perolniyoc Cascade, the traveler has to leave from the Ollantaytambo district, towards the peasant community of Socma; this path can be easily followed in a car.

After reaching Socma, you must continue on foot to the waterfall. You can ask for references to the residents, or request their accompaniment towards the waterfall. It takes no more than half an hour to complete the pedestrian path to Perolniyoc.

Do I need to buy a ticket to visit the Perolniyoc Waterfall?

You do not need to buy an entrance ticket to visit the Perolniyoc falls. You just need to get to the place and enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

The entrance to the Perolniyoc Waterfall is free of cost. This can be visited during any time of the year, and although there are no entry restrictions, it is recommended that visits be made in the morning.