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Cusco is a city that is located in the province and region of the same name. This city is the capital of the department in which it is located and is also considered the Historical Capital of Peru.

The city of Cusco is rich, for the amount of tourist resources that it presents, and for the history that precedes it. Among the tourist attractions found in Cusco, there are places such as the Historic Center of the city that includes more than seven Catholic churches of Colonial origin.

The main churches that comprise the Catholic-religious circuit of Cusco are the Cathedral, the Church of La Compañía, the Convent and the Church of La Merced, the Church of San Blas, the Temple of San Cristóbal, the Church of Santo Domingo, among others.

For those who want to know the traditional neighborhoods of the city, there is nothing better than visiting the Barrio de San Blas, famous for the workshops of illustrious artisans found there. The San Blas fair is usually open on Saturdays only, however, if you go on weekdays, you can take advantage of the visit to get to know the same workshops of the neighborhood artisans, where you can get beautiful sculptures and paintings.

For those who are interested in museum tourism, there are also different spaces in the city set up for this purpose, one of them is the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, which is located in the Plaza de las Nazarenas and includes among its pieces on display the famous Larco collection.