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Ausangate Mountain in Perú

Ausangate (Awsanqati in Quechua) is located southeast of the city of Cusco and is the fifth highest mountain in Peru. It is a very important place not only for its beautiful landscapes and rich culture, but its mountains, glaciers and lagoons provide water to Cusco communities and the Machupicchu hydroelectric plant, which generates energy for thousands of families.

Ausangate Mountains location:

The Ausangate Mountains are located 100 kilometers from the city of Cusco in a southeastern direction, in the mountain range of

The Andes within the Vilcanota mountain range, in the Pitumarca district, Canchis province, Cusco Region.

Elevation of Ausangate:

The Elevation of Ausangate is 6,384 m s. n. m.

Weather in Ausangate:

Its main summit is located at 6,384 meters above sea level, so its peaks are able to be seen from the city of Cusco. According to the Andean worldview, since pre-Inca times, it is considered an Apu or protective deity, and source of life.

The minimum weather in Ausangate is 10 ° C and the máximum Weather in Ausangate is 12 ° C

What can we find in Ausangate Mountain in Perú?

Around this majestic snow-capped mountain there are large luminous green / blue lagoons, incredible water bodies and forests of stones and glaciers, which make it an earthly paradise, especially for tourists who like or are interested in extreme sports or of adventure.

Being a remote territory, it is home to innumerable species of flora and fauna, as well as traditional pastoral populations, willing to share with the world the richness of their inspiring world.

What can you do in Ausangate Mountain in Perú?

The main attractions that can be observed within the Cusco – Ausangate route are the Checacupe Colonial Bridge, the Checacupe Temple, the Surini Lagoon, the Qenqomayo River, the Ausangate Cocha lagoon, the Ananiso Canyon, among others.

Also, thanks to the geographical accidents of Ausangate Mountains it is the ideal place to practice sports, such as rock climbing, ice climbing, trekking, among other activities.

How to get to Ausangate Mountain in Perú?

To access from Cusco you must take the Cusco-Puno route, take a detour through the town of Checacupe until you reach the town of Chillca, this tour can last approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes.

From this town, tours of up to 7 days will begin to skirt the snowy peak, explore the scenic wonders of this area or expeditions of up to 10 days to crown its summit at 6384 meters above sea level.

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