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The last Inca Bridge in Cuzco, Peru – South America

Hello bloggers, today we are going to talk, write about the last Inca Bridge in Peru, which is localized in Cuzco, Peru, South America.. Read more about ….

About Q’eswachaca Inca Bridge:

The Incas Empire was one of the best civilizations in ancient times; that surprises hundreds of visitors who come to the city of Cusco. Since they left us various samples of his great knowledge in architecture and fascinating works that will surprise you.

A sample of this great ingenuity is Q’eswachaca, the last Inca Bridge in Peru. In Cuzco region Peru, South America, the Qeshuachaca bridge is located, an architectural marvel of the ancient Inca civilization that was built more than 500 years ago by the Incas.

The name Q’eswachaka comes from two Quecha language words “Q’eswa” which means Braid and “Chaka” which means Bridge; that united means braided bridge.
Today, the last engineering work that is preserved from the ancient Inca civilization. It is an important hanging bridge, made of rope, which is sacred to the peasant communities of the region.

Tour Qeshuachaca Inca Bridge:

Today, Dreamy Tours invites you to visit the Qeshuachaca Inca Bridge, and to discover its incredible reconstruction rituals.

Ancestral Technique to Renovate:

Inhabitants of Quechua communities revive an ancestral technique to renovate the Q’eswachaka Bridge, a construction of Inca origin made with vegetable fiber ropes. A traditional expression of the Inca culture recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

This suspension Inca bridge, which is about 31 meters long and 1.25 meters wide, is made of Ichu, a vegetable fiber generally found in the Andean highlands. For this reason, its name translates from Quechua rope bridge.

According to its history, chroniclers, during the time of the Incas a wide network of roads and bridges linked the territories of ‘Tahuantinsuyo’.

In addition, they were built to move easily through the rough terrain of the geography of the Andes. The suspension bridges were made with vegetable fibers and with a special technique that gave them surprising resistance. Of these constructions, only the Qeshuachaca Bridge remains active.

The chroniclers sad that, when the Spanish arrived in Cusco, the territory, they marvelled at observing this network of Inca roads and bridges. They were especially surprised by the suspension bridges, seeing the technology and material used for the construction of these works.

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