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Enigmatic Chachapoyas 5 Days

Chachapoyas is a perfect destination for people looking for new experiences both naturally and culturally, such as; hikers and adventurers as tours begin in the forest. With its subtropical climate and warm temperatures during the day and the night.

In Chachapoyas there is much to see, do, thanks to its friendly people who are always ready to show us their beautiful city and the entire region.

icon clock Duration: 5 daysicon altitude Altitude: 3500 m.a.s.l.icon sleep Acomodation: Hotel
icon mountain Difficulty: Lowicon calendar Season: All year
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Reception by a representative of our Travel Agency at the Jaén airport, transfer in our tourist transport to the city of Chachapoyas. Arrival to Chachapoyas, transfer to your hotel, the afternoon free for rest and acclimatization altitude.

Overnight in the City of Chachapoyas.

Day 02: Fortified Citadel of Kuelap.

Breakfast at the hotel. 08:20 AM approx. , departure to the Fortified Citadel of Kuelap, on route of the archaeological site of Macro, then you arrival at the town of Nuevo Tingo.

Transfer by cable car to the Fortified Citadel of Kuelap, you will visiti the main buildings, houses with friezes, upper and lower town, the tower, the main temple, the southern platform and much more. Lunch and return to Chachapoyas 17:30 Hrs. approximately.

Overnight in the City of Chachapoyas.

Day 03.- Karajia sarcophagi and Quiocta Cave.

Breakfast at the hotel. 08:00 a.m. aprox they will pick you up from your hotel and leave for the town of Cruzpata, from there you will start a 30-minute walk to visit the funeral site of the Karajía sarcophagi in Chachapoyas, considered the most spectacular and Unique in Peru and in the world, it is about funerary statues located on inaccessible cliffs and that for centuries keep the mummified bodies of the most important rulers of the Chachapoya culture, guided tour. Lunch at the indicated time. Visit to the Quiocta Cavern, where you will observe thousands of stalactites and stalagmites, return to Chachapoyas at approximately 6:00 p.m.

Overnight in the City of Chachapoyas.

Day 04: Gocta Falls.

Breakfast at the hotel. At approximately 08:20 a.m., departure towards the town of Cocachimba, from there you will start the 2:00 hrs. Walk to the wonderful Gocta Waterfall, on the way you will observe diverse flora and fauna and if we had luck, you will see, observe the cock of the rocks.

Arrival at the Gocta Falls photo session and free time to enjoy the place, return to the town of Cocachimba. Lunch and return to Chachapoyas. 17:30 Hrs. approximately.

Overnight in the City of Chachapoyas.

Day 05: Chachapoyas – Jaén Airport

Breakfast at the hotel. At the appropriate time, transfer in our tourist transport to the Jaén Airport.

Important: The hours of the excursions will be reconfirmed at the destination.


  • Our Tours are carried out in shared service.
  • Our passengers must comply with the biosafety protocols established by our company.
  • Children from 0 to 4 years old do not pay as long as they share the service with their parents, all expenses caused by the child will be covered by their parents.


It includes:

  • Tourist transport.
  • Transfer Jaén Airport – Chachapoyas Hotel – Jaén Airport.
  • Tours to tourist sites in shared service.
  • Official Tourism Guides in (Spanish – English).
  • Entrance Tickets to Tourist Places to visit.
  • Ticket for use of the Cable Car to Kuelap.
  • 04 nights of accommodation in Chachapoyas + Breakfasts.
  • Food according to program (Day 2 – Day 3 – Day 4).

Does not include:

  • Personal Protection Elements (PPE)
  • National or international air tickets.
  • Terrestrial Tickets from the Place of Origin.
  • Services not detailed in the program.
  • Extra money & Personal Expenses.
  • IGV exonerated by the Law for the Promotion of the Amazon.


  • Wear light and warm clothing.
  • Waterproof in case it can rain.
  • Comfortable hiking shoes.
  • Sun Blocker and Repellent.



All rates are in US dollars (optional for currency exchange) and are programmed per person.

The rates valid for Peruvians only include VAT.

All our rates are subject to availability and changes.

Children under 02 years and 11 months are considered INF (babies), do not pay any service and do not have the right to food, bed or seat on the tours.

DCC (child) is considered a child from 03 to 10 years and 11 months, has a special rate and shares a room with parents.

Children over 11 years old considered adults.

Minors must travel with an identity document.

Rates do not apply to holidays, Easter, long weekends, national holidays, Christmas or New Years.


More Information

Chachapoyas location

The city of Chachapoyas is a city that is located in the Peruvian jungle. Chachapoyas is located in the province of the same name, in the Amazon region.

This city is known as the “Loyal City of Chachapoyas”, and has a significant number of tourist attractions, among those found in the same urban area.

The architecture of the Chachapoyas culture

The architecture that it has is an aspect that we can highlight from this Chachapoyas culture, it is the architecture that was determined by different buildings that were made of stones, fringed and decorated with ornaments characterized by having different geometric shapes or designs.

Which complex stood out from the Chachapoyas culture?


They had 3 entrances, had a path and drains for rainwater through the canals. It consisted of 500 buildings; many of them were circular in shape:

Torreón: A 7-meter-high structure served as a defense to avoid enemy attacks.

Inkwell: it had an inverted cone shape and had a height of five meters.

Castles: it was the home of a ruler, which had a rectangular shape and was made of three platforms.


It was located in the jungle of San Martín, and made up of friezes that contain symbolic aspects with characters whose arms and legs were open. In this place, twenty different structures were placed, three of which had a diameter of 15 meters.


In 2003, expeditions were made to the Chachapoyas jungle that discovered the Sholón Funeral Complex. In this place, ten-meter mausoleums were found, which were adorned by mummies and textiles from the culture itself.

What are the highlights of the Chachapoyas culture?

The Chachapoyas were made of various manors that were found in the heights of the Utcubamba River. Each of the villages had the same customs, were independent and presented a priestly class. The reasons that allowed integration were the military and religious.

In relation to economic activity, agriculture benefited, since the region had fertile lands. What allowed the crops of potatoes, olluco, goose, quinoa, and others, likewise hunting; gathering and livestock systems were developed.

What was the belief of the Chachapoyas culture?

To date, there is not much information that determines which were the main gods of the Chachapoyas culture; it is considered that they worshiped the serpent, condor and jaguar. What is supported is that in their beliefs there was a cult of the dead.

The funerary ritual of the Chachapoyas culture consisted of wrapping the remains of the deceased in cloth. The burial was carried out in isolated places or mountainous slopes, in two types of cemeteries that were:


The sarcophagi were made of cane and clay, they only deposited inside the remains of a single person, generally important. Highlighting places of this type such as Karajía, Ayachaqui, Léngate, Pueblo de los Muertos, Chipiruc and Ucaso. Caso tenuy


The Mausoleums were tombs in the shape of houses, which were built with small stones and mud, external walls painted with gabled roofs.

 This pattern is located in Revash, Sholón, Laguna de los Cóndores, Los Pinchudos, Pueblo de los Muertos, Guanlic, La Petaca-Diablohuasi.



We have price alternatives that accommodate all budgets, prices per person, expressed in US Dollars.

Make your quotes and reservations by email [email protected], you can also communicate with one of our sales executives at the telephones detailed below, we will be happy to assist you.

Phone – WhatsApp: +51 969 787 221
Phone – WhatsApp: +51 986 994 218


To start the reservation process, please send us the following information:

  • Name and surname:
  • Passport number:
  • Nationality:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Phone:
  • Very important – We need the address and information about the hotel that you are staying at, in the city of Chachapoyas, to be able to pick you up at the time when the tour starts

To confirm reservations it is required to pay 50% in advance and the other 50% can be paid upon arrival at your destination.



What Our Clients Says

Cássia Gola
Assessoria Surpreendente Contratamos a agência Dreamy Tours pela internet e tivemos uma assessoria incrível desde o começo do atendimento. De início fechamos o Inca Trail de 4 dias. Fomos realmente surpreendidos com qualidade do serviço prestado. O time que nos acompanhou nesta aventura era extremamente experiente e isso fez da nossa viagem ainda melhor. O nosso guia foi o Saul, um dos mais experientes e influentes guias da região, e os porteadores e cozinheiros servidores natos e muito simpáticos. Comida farta, maravilhosa e muito variada nos dias do trekking. Estrutura sempre montada antes da nossa chegada, tudo muito bem organizado. Foram dias incríveis ao lado de pessoas sensacionais.A agência também nos assessorou em passeios como Laguna Salcantay e Ilha de Uros e Taquile, e novamente nos surpreendeu com a qualidade do serviço prestado. Nós realmente recomendamos a agência Dreamy Tour. Muito obrigada Dreamy Tour, vocês fizeram da nossa viagem ao Peru ainda melhor.
Excelente atención y logistica Atención cuidada y servicial desde el primer momento. Hicimos el inca trail de dos dias con.mi familia. El procesp de reserva y previo fue muy cuidado y tuvimos el día anterior con el guía un reunión de preparación. Fuimos acompañados en todo momento y el.guia Henry (super recomendable) logro solucionar todos los inconvenientes presentados (a causa de demoras de tren y huelga nacional) para que no perdieramos nada. Una experiencia inolvidable y una agencia recomendable
Nathalia T
Ótimo!!! Fizemos um bate-volta de Cusco a Machu Picchu. Foi uma experiência muito mágica! O guia Richard foi EXCELENTE! FAla português e é muito solícito. O pessoal da agência foi atencioso e organizado do início ao fim. Fomos em alta temporada e eles conseguiram ingresso mesmo assim! Recomendo muito!
Pedro B
Recomendable Experiencia unica en la Inka Trail, todo ok con la agencia, confiable, proporcionou todo el soporte necesario
Maureen Astrid R
Excelente Fui com a Dreamy fazer a trilha Inca de 4 dias em Macchu Picchu, Ilha Ballesta, voo de Nasca, Montanha 7 Cores, etc. Atendimento impecável!!! Adoramos a experiência!!! Recomendo muito a Dreamy Tours.
SILAS Sallem Filho
Trilha Inca para Machu Picchu Fizemos a Trilha Inca a Pé de 4 dias.Experiência inesquecível!!Caminho e lindo e a viagem foi muito bem organizada!! Dreamy turismo se preocupa muito com os seus clientes. São muito atenciosos.
Breno A
Melhor agência de Cusco! Fiz a trilha Inca de 4 dias e tudo foi perfeito. A agência é muito prestativa e organizou tudo perfeitamente, inclusive adaptando aos meus horários de retorno. Super recomendável!
Carmela B
Perfeita Empresa dreams tour maravilhosa . Atendimento perfeito . Guias maravilhosos contam toda a história do lugar . Agradeço pela atenção e carinho de todos da empresa . Atendimento de todos excelente
EXCELENTE EXPERIENCIA. La agencia de viajes fue muy cumplida, el personal que contrataban desde el conductor hasta los guías fueron personas muy amables y experimentadas, ello hizo que los tours se desarrollaran de la mejor manera. Los recomendaría sin duda alguna.

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