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Vilcanota River

Peru is an ancient country, and it is full of mysteries. Located in the westernmost area of ​​South America, it occupies 1,285,215. square kilometers of all this territory. A little more than 28 million people live on that surface, spread over 24 political regions.

The most populated is the capital, Lima, with around eight million inhabitants living there, leaving the rest of the population dispersed in the rest of the country, in very few percentages compared to the city of kings. But all the visitors who come to the South American country do not stop at the most modern and beautiful city, but instead go to the most wonderful and magical: Cuzco.

The city of Cuzco receives the largest number of tourists who are going to spend a few days in Peru, it is said of an average of one million visitors. The most visited square is Machu Picchu, current modern wonder of the world, which is a very beautiful rock construction that was the capital of the great Empire of the Incas that was once the one that dominated the South American continent, being defeated by the Spanish kingdom, which at that time was one of the most powerful in the world.

But among the wonders and beauties of Cuzco is the Vilcanota River in Perú. Several centuries ago, the Incas considered it a sacred river, calling it Wilkamayu. This fabulous river is born in the Cordillera of the same name that is located between Cusco and Puno, it descends in the Sacred Valley of Pisaq, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, among other Cuzco places. It depends on the season, how the river class is presented: In the dry season it is class I-II-III, in the rainy season it becomes class IV-V. Many of these measures are used especially for the realization of the exciting sports of Rafting and canoeing.

Doing these sports is a unique and incomparable sensation, surrounded by the beautiful regional landscape and the beautiful Vilcanota River in Perú. Also, the prices are not that expensive, the price range is between 90 to 190 dollars. And it is not only for experts, but also for those who want to start in this, that they will be provided with a good and personalized teaching.

You cannot miss this square, the Vilcanota River in Perú is one of the most beautiful landscapes that you can enjoy in Peru. The Andean country always welcomes visitors with open arms, so you will spend it at home.

Importance of Vilcanota River in Perú

In the Vilcanota River in Perú there are still some fish; But before they ate huitas and sardines, later fingerlings were imported and trout were propagated. But, in addition, we must bear in mind that other living beings inhabit the river, such as the “mayu puma” or otter, plankton and a series of vegetables on which the fish feed.

In the first place, we believed it was important for the people to educate themselves not to dump their garbage into the river. Teach them to make sanitary landfills, like those made in all the cities of the world, because there is no other way to get rid of the tons of garbage produced by urban centers.

Secondly, we wanted to prevent drains from entering the river directly, to keep in mind the importance of treatment plants. This is how we proceed, for example, in the lakes of the northern United States, the water is taken several times! It turns out that the sewage, the sewage as it is called, is treated and is thrown into the lakes, then it is captured again, purified and taken up again. A water molecule passes through the human body several times.

It turns out that the Vilcanota River in Perú is the main actor supplying energy to the Machupcichu Hydroelectric Plant. It is the river that gives its blood to convert it into electricity and serve the country, not just the region. Machu Picchu delivers its energy to the national interconnected system.

Therefore we consider it vitally important to order a comprehensive study. We believed that the basin should be well known and that is what we did. We commissioned a complete study with recommendations and everything.

In defense of the Vilcanota River in Perú

In 1997, the EGEMSA Company, then chaired by Engineer Armando Gallegos Guevara and managed by Engineer Edgar Venero Pacheco, commissioned a study to initiate defense actions for the Vilcanota River.

Its result was the report called: “The Vilcanota basin in the Amazon system: situation and perspectives”. This report was delivered to various instances, to organize preventive actions in defense of that basin, since the most important development modalities of Cusco depend on it: tourism and energy. But it fell on deaf ears. Valicha.com believes it appropriate to share with its readers the testimony of the engineer Armando Gallegos Guevara, regarding such an important study, formulated 17 years ago and that today should be considered as a healthy and necessary regional development platform, for the aforementioned reason: defense of the Vilcanota basin is closely related to the sustainable development of the Cusco Region.

The risk is present and increases day by day, but little effort has been made to know the situation of the basin, to know its degree of vulnerability, to know its long-term evolution, to define harmonized policies and plans for care and protection. with economic development; especially, when the country understands that globalization can contribute to consolidating tourism, an activity that it has in the sacred citadel of Machu Picchu, located in the basin, its main attractive resource.

The town of Machu Picchu at risk from the Vilcanota River in Urubamba:

This time the town of Machu Picchu faced with a possible risk due to the Vilcanota River in Urubamba, and that is that the river flow levels remain above 540 cubic meters per second, considering this number higher than normal, this information is obtained by the electricity generation company of Machupicchu SA, this time the Vilcanota River in Urubamba continues to cause possible effects among the inhabitants of Aguas Calientes, for this the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, reported that in two weeks six modules of temporary housing will be installed to The victims of the Kitacayo River in Pisac, and meanwhile the population that houses the world wonder remains on alert, it is expected that the rains will stop for a few days, otherwise the river will continue to increase and generate overflows, we also inform that The companies that perform the passenger service operate normally, we will be attentive to any information that is had, while nto we recommend being very alert to the population of Aguas Calientes.

Tours near Vilcanota River: