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The Cusqueña School of Arts, Painting from Cusco, Peru.

Hello bloggers, today we’re going to write, talk about the Cusqueña school of painting arts, from the Cusco city, Peru, South America.

What is the Cusqueña School of Arts?

The Cusqueña art school of painting arts, were born in city of Cusco, in the Virreinal period of Peru. It was without a doubt, perhaps the most important in Spanish colonial America, it was born with a mixture of Spanish art, mestizo, and the native quechua, the syncretism that had Cusco that time.

When was the Cusco school of arts born?

In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, the so-called Cusqueñia School, from Cusco was an artistic tradition, the result of the confluence of two powerful currents: The Western artistic tradition and the eagerness of Indian and mestizo painters to express their reality and their vision of the world. The Cusqueña school had 3 stages, the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

Characteristics of the Cusqueña School of Arts:

The painting of the Cusqueña School arts is characterized by its exclusive use of religious subjects, its lack of perspective and the predominance of reds, yellows and earth colors. They also used a large amount of gold, especially with images of the Virgin Mary, and among others, like the amazing last suffer from Marcos Zapata, etc …

Who are the representatives of the Cusco School of Art?

These were the group of artists, whose main representatives were the indigenous Diego Quispe Tito and Basilio de Santa Cruz Pumacallao, Marcos Zapata, etc …, whose representations transcended the borders of the Viceroyalty of Peru.

Who was the most important Cusco artist?

Marcos Zapata Peruvian painter

Marcos Zapata Peruvian painter

The most important Cusco artist it was Marcos Zapata 18th, the Peruvian painter, from Cusco. His pictorial production, which includes more than 200 paintings, covers the period between 1748 and 1764. The fifty large canvases that cover the high arches of the Cuzco cathedral are considered his greatest works.

What is the World’s Most Famous Painting:?

The most famous painting is the “The Last Supper” (1748) in oil on canvas by Marcos Zapata, a Peruvian painter who belonged to the so-called Cuzco school of painting arts or colonial painting of Cusco of the 18th century. It was characterized by the fusion of Western artistic tradition with the reality of the indigenous native people.

Curiosities about:

The Last Supper 1748 Marco Zapata

Today Catholics and art lovers from all over the world come to Cusco, to visit the cathedral in order to see this painting, the version of the last supper in the Andean Inca indigenous vision.

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