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What to visit, see in Cusco and around?

Hello bloggers, today we will give you tips, about what to do in Cusco, which was once the former capital of the Inca Empire, find out more by reading our blog.

Cusco is full of places that you cannot miss before you visit MachuPicchu, since Cusco is the gateway to Machupicchu, you must stop here before go to the lost city of the Inca: MachuPicchu.

Koricancha – Temple of the Sun:

With the arrival of the Spanish, the original appearance of Qorikancha disappeared and, but today still preserving the temple walls, wall room above the Santo Domingo convent was built (1963), the first of the Dominican order in Peru.

The Inca foundations were covered with plaster and Catholic paintings, until an earthquake in 1650 caused the building to partially collapse, causing the remains of the ancient temple to resurface, that we can see today in guide tour by Dreamy Tours.

Be sure to visit Qorikancha, it is a great example of mix architecture and a vivid reflection of the stages that shaped present-day Cusco.

The Stone of 12 Angles, Main Square, Cusco.

It was part of the Palace of the Inca Roca, the central stone of the wall has 12 angles, hence its name, carved with extreme precision and that fit perfectly with the rest of the pieces.

This type of structure, very common in Inca culture, allowed the stones to be fitted together without any mortar. The fact that palaces and temples built in this way are still standing is proof of their solidity.

The Palace, built by order of the Inca Roca, was also the residence of his descendants until the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century, during the colonial period it was sacked and, keeping the famous wall as a foundation,

 the Spanish built the House of the Marquises of Buenavista and the Palace of the Marquises of Rocafuente on top of the Inca constructions of the city.

Eventually, the building was donated to the Church and became the Archbishop’s Palace and currently, it is also the Religious Art Museum of the city of Cusco.

The Sapantiana Colonial Archeduct + Street calle 7 borreguitos.

Its beautiful white facades make the hanging gardens stand out, the streets decorated with colourful murals make this place one of the most beautiful streets in the city,

which has already been considered as one of (Top World beautiful streets) in the world, street championship.

The huaca of Sapantiana in Cusco, is located 5 minutes from the main square of Cusco, this place was part of the palace of the first Inca ruler Manco Inca which is located in Colcampata, San Cristoval, centro del Cusco.

Currently, the huaca of Sapantiana is a very busy place for visitors, here there is also a colonial bridge through which passes a small stream from Sacsayhuaman, Cristo Blanco-White.

The Catedral of Cusco, Plaza de Armas:

Located in the Plaza de Armas, in the former Palace of the Inca Wiracocha, the Cusco Cathedral is today one of the most evident examples of baroque in Peru and,

has become the most important Catholic Christian temple in the entire city of Cusco in Peru.

San Pedro Market:

The San Pedro Market in Cuzco, founded in 1924, is still open with fresh produce, traditional crafts, flowers, spices, typical desserts, creating an explosion of colours and flavours that immerse you in Peruvian culture in the blink of an eye.

Try the desserts, the food, if you are interested in local gastronomy from the neighbourhood, from the market, no frills, then you have to know the central market of Cusco.    

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