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Humantay Lake in Peru

The Humantay Lake in Peru is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Peru. It is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Cusco. Its turquoise waters crowned by the imposing snowy Salkantay offers a unique beauty. Since the time of the Incas, this lagoon has been adored by the Andean settlers. It is the most popular tourist attraction in Cusco, after Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain.

Where is Humantay Lake located?

The lagoon is located close to the snowy Salkantay in the Andes Mountains of Cusco, Peru.

Which is the elevation of the Humantay Lake?

The elevation of the Humantay Lake is 4,200 meters above sea level (13,779 ft).

History of the Humantay Lake

There is not much information about the history of the Humantay Lake. However, according to some geologists this lagoon has a glacial origin. Because, at some point in human history, the perpetual hikes of Humantay broke off and turned into a low mountain. And these big blocks of ice have stopped in the snowy faults and with their snow have formed the beautiful lagoon of Humantay.

On the other hand, according to local tradition about the history of the Humantay Lake, the Apu Humantay is the smallest of Apu Salkantay. And both of them are in charge of rationalizing and sharing the water that descends from their eternal snowfalls to the poblaciones muchas that inhabit their faults. For this reason, the local population venerates this lagoon as a deity that represents the Pachamama.

It is for that reason that, around the Lagoon Huamntay, you will be able to observe innumerable apachetas (piedras superpuestas on top of one that is placed in the sacred sites) that have been placed by the local population and by the travelers as offers of thanks to the Pachamama or the for having been successful in the lagoon, and also asking for protection in your travel.

Weather in Humantay Lake

The weather in Humantay Lake is cold. It varies from 10ºC. (50ºF). at 0ºC. (32ºF). Due to the fact that the water comes from the snow melt, the temperature could be even lower. There are parks in the year: a) the dry season (without rain and the cold) and the rainy season (with the most probability of rain and less cold).

Between the months of November and March the weather in Humantay Lake is templated with precipitation, although between April and October the weather is cold but with a lot of sun during the day.

How to get to the Humantay Lake in Peru?

To reach the Humantay Lake in Peru from the city of Cusco, you must follow a journey by car of approximately 120 kilometers, passing by the Limatambo and Mollepata pueblos until the ‘Soraypampa’ community.

Once in ‘Soraypampa’ a walk starts around 2 kilometers around the lagoon. If you travel with a tourist package, transportation is included as well as the tourist and the tourist in the town of Mollepata. If you are traveling on your own, you must hire public transport in the city of Cusco.

The best know way to get to this lagoon is the Salkantay Trek, which also takes you to Salkantay Mountain and Machu Picchu.


  • It is recommended to visit the lagoon in hours of the manana to avoid hitting the return of the ducks to the lagoon.
  • To start the Humantay Lake Tour, take comfortable clothing, sun block, sun lenses, hat and hat for trekking.
  • If you are only at the Humantay Lake in Peru, we recommend that you hire the services of a travel agency, which is cheaper.