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Urubamba Peru

The city of Urubamba Peru is today one of the most beautiful cities in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. This city has a perfect climate all year round and has stunning scenery with a panoramic view over the valley and the imposing peaks of the Serra de Vilcanota. It is a great place to practice adventure tourism: hiking, canoeing, mountain biking and horseback riding. Urubamba Peru currently enjoys an important commercial activity due to its strategic position in the Cusco region, where local, foreign and national investors have invested in different sectors, bringing prosperity and development to this wonderful city.

Geographic location

The beautiful province of Urubamba is located northwest of the province of Cusco, which borders the provinces of La Convencion, Anta and Calca.

It is crossed by the Vilcanota River, which when entering this area takes the name of Urubamba.

The Incas, as connoisseurs of the land, chose this fertile valley to establish their main cities, which is why the province of Urubamba includes the neighborhoods where the main architectural monuments of the Incas are found: Urubamba, OllantaytamboChinchero, Huayllabamba, Machu Picchu, Maras and Yucay.

The Urubamba Valley is one of the most productive in the country, here you will find the best corn crop in the world and in the rainy season many typical fruits of the valley, such as peaches, cherry trees, quinces, premium strawberries.


Urubamba Peru is located at 2,871 meters above sea level, its climate is cold and dry, the rainy season runs from December to March.

How to get to Urubamba Peru?

You can arrive by bus through the Sacred Valley tour, Urubamba is the place where you will have lunch, you can also arrive by taking a Private Tour. It takes an hour and a stop to reach Pisac and 1 hour to Chinchero.

Urubamba River

The Urubamba River, also called Urupampa, rises at the Vilcanota node, crossing most of the territory with the name of Vilcanota River. Passing through the municipality of Urubamba, that’s why it is called the Urubamba River.

The turbulence of the Urubamba River, passing through the Sacred Valley of the Incas, allows the practice of some activities such as rafting, which is one of the most interesting adventure tourist attractions in Peru.

What to do in Urubamba?

There are many activities to do in Urubamba for nature lovers, here we told you what to do in Urubamba:

  • Horse Riding: Very close to the city of Urubamba there are several stables, where you can go horse riding.
  • Climbing: It is the most popular option, the climbing circuit known as via ferrata. As we mentioned in our post via ferrata, it is equipped with a series of cables and iron handles that allow even beginners to climb the rock. It takes a little effort, but the views are incredible. After climbing, they can walk down to the valley floor (walking).
  • Zipline: but it is much better to do it through the second option, which is the exciting zipline or zipline. After finishing the climb, you can go down with this wonderful adventure in the Tyrolean.