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Tipon Archaeological Park in Cusco

Tipón is a unique site that has yet to be discovered in Peru. Which shows an understanding of the territory and its elements, the interrelation between man and nature, its role in the agricultural world and its wonderful hydraulic technology.

It is located 23 km. southeast of Cusco and is located two kilometers from the bakery town of Oropesa, province of Quispicanchis. It is the first town of the South Valley circuit in Cusco, at 3316 meters above sea level.

Along the way are the districts of Oropeza, Saylla, Lucre, Pikillacta and Andahuaylillas.

The Tipon Archaeological Park in Cusco Peru

The Archaeological Park of Tipon in Cusco Peru has 240 hectares, the area is composed of a series of thirteen terraces or platforms built in imperial-style masonry, with pink granite stone. In 1984 it was declared a National Archaeological Park. Currently it is part of the Qhapaq Ñam route in Cusco.

The sectors that make up Tipón are: real enclosures, intiwatana, smaller enclosures, the viewpoint, called Cruzmoqo which means summit where there is a cross, platforms, channels, the wall, warehouses (collcas), agricultural and urban sectors. Among those that stand out are the gardens built on the basis of megalithic stone blocks, which constituted the Royal House that Wiracocha had built for his father, the Inca Yahuar Huaca. On the other hand there are the petroglyphs and litho-engravings of Cruzmoqo.

The origin of the sacred waters in Archaeological Park of Tipon in Cusco Peru

The origin of the “sacred” waters that run through the canals and end in sources and sewers of Tipón are still being investigated. There are many versions of this, the version most spread by the guides is that the waters come from the summits of Pachatusan or from underground currents typical of the mountain. The advanced technology used to mobilize the waters of the springs for the service of man is undeniable.

Walls in Archaeological Park of Tipon in Cusco Peru

When arriving at Tipón, one is impressed by its towering walls and the impressive development in hydraulic engineering where water was worshiped. The great defense wall that surrounds the complex is approximately 5 km long, 1 to 2 m wide and 5 to 10 meters high.

Platforms and underground channels in Tipón

Due to the diversity and formation of the platforms, Tipón could be a center of agrarian experimentation as Moray is believed to have been. In times past, this place was a mystical religious pilgrimage center, where Inca priests came before the winter solstice.

Among its precincts, the incredible canals stand out, which until now irrigate various agricultural terraces and ceremonial fountains. Close to the steps stand out some steps that act as steps in the impressive walls of the platforms and on the wall. The whole set, built with carved stones, marvels at its harmony and gives a feeling of relaxing due to the environment. You can feel the sound of the water, the cool of the wind and the landscape is beautiful.

Mountain Cruzmoqo

From Tipón, parallel to an irrigation canal, travelers can ascend Cruzmoqo hill. Which is a strategic observatory from where you can see the Cusco city and the Pachatusan “lever of the universe” the highest Apu in the region.

In the highest part, at about 3800 meters, there is a set of petroglyphs called Cruzmoqo. The petroglyphs or engravings on the rocks that are in the different floors, from the platforms to the very top of the hill. According to historians, the petroglyphs must have played an important role in the religious factor, in relation to astronomical observation.

How to get from Cusco to Tipon?

To get from Cusco to Tipon you can do it on your own, by taxi or private car or a Tour to the South Valley of Cusco. To access you must bring the Cusco tourist ticket. The tour lasts around two hours and if you want to skirt the entire area (passing through the Apu Pachatusan) around four hours. The route is very well signposted and the walk is wonderful and relaxing. It is advisable to drink a coca tea before the walk to feel it more relaxing with your chuta bread (you can buy it in advance in Oropesa).

If you go from Cusco to Tipon in a group you can take a bus in Urcos and ask the ticket agent to notify you at the detour to Tipón. From Cusco to Tipón is around 25 minutes. If you want to travel by bus you must take it at Av. De la Cultura (in front of the San Antonio de Abad University) and it costs S /. 5.

In the detour to Tipón you can take a taxi to the archaeological park for 4 or 5 soles. You can also do it on foot, if you have a good map or a suitable guide. Attention is from Monday to Sunday from 7am to 6pm.

If you do not have the Tourist Ticket, the entrance for adults is S /. 20 soles and students S /. 10 soles.