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Tarapoto “city of palms” In The Peruvian Jungle.

Hello! bloggers, today I’m going to talk about the Tarapoto in Peru, known as the “city of palms” is in the district of San Martín. More about in the blog below.

About the Tarapoto:

The city of Tarapoto, is located in the Peruvian region of San Martin, Tarapoto lies on a high jungle plateau between the Andes and the Peruvian Amazon basin.

Today it is an important place as a tourist destination in the Peruvian jungle, its warm climate and friendly people are some of its main characteristics.

The city of Tarapoto has the main airport of the region, allowing it to be an important point in the tourist circuit of northeastern Peru, who travel directly from Lima capital of Peru, to Tarapoto by plane.

Tarapoto is often used by tourists and local visitors as a base for excursions into the vast Amazon rainforest. The main activities of the region are tourism, trade, agriculture and an illicit ‘underground economy’ which includes coca leaf production, logging and trade in land concessions.

Today, tarapoto acts as a gateway to the north-eastern jungle and is an hour’s flight from Lima. This area has good food, beautiful scenery and unique birds.

Attributes of tradition, that the name “Tarapoto” comes from the huacrapona (Iriartea deltoidea); an exotic species of palm tree, which was found on the banks of the defunct oxbow lake of Suchiche, which the locals knew as tarapotus.

Tourist Places in Tarapoto:

The City of Tarapoto:

The city of Tarapoto has several tourist places to visit, such as the Plaza de Armas, the central market, museums, bars and nightlife restaurants.

The Blue Lagoon:

The village of Sauce is where you can get to know and enjoy the incredible Blue Lagoon, a name given by the colour acquires its waters reflecting the blue sky of our Amazon rainforest.

Getting to Sauce is an adventure because you must cross the Huallaga River using a “Wow raft” capable of carrying buses using a pulley system that harnesses the power of water.

The Ahuashiyacu Waterfall:

The Ahuashiyacu waterfall is 14 kilometers from the centre of Tarapoto. It is 3 meters high and has 3 falls.

It is one of the most visited by tourists, thanks to which it is one of the most accessible places to be along the road from Tarapoto to Yurimaguas. Ahuashiyacu is in the protected forest of the Ladder Mountains, shelter of animals such as the rock cockerel.

The Orchid Chocolate Factory:

The Orchid Chocolate Factory is known throughout Peru for its delicious organic chocolate.

The factory is located just outside of town and allows travellers to see demonstrations and learn how cocoa is turned into chocolate. You’ll also walk away with some chocolate bars that will make your mouth water.

Castle Of The Lamas Village:

The village, little town of Lamas is a short distance from Tarapoto and you shouldn’t miss a quick visit here.

The little town is strangely divided into two parts: on the lower plateau live the indigenous inhabitants and on the upper plateau mestizos, descendants of white and indigenous inhabitants, and both plateaus have very different architecture.

And to crown the picturesque little town, a replica of an old European-style castle stands on the edge of the upper plateau. By the way, every year, in the last week of August, a big festival is celebrated here: the feast of Santa Rosa de Lima.

Termales Don Grimaldo:

Termales Don Grimlado, are pools of hot and cold water to oxygenate the pores of the body and prepare it to receive the black mud, they have medicinal and cosmetic properties, besides being very fun.

They are located where the blue lagoon, in the district of Sauce, Tarapoto.

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