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What are the Best Souvenirs from Peru?

If you are planning your next vacation and decide to go to Peru, try to save some extra space in your suitcases for souvenirs from Peru. As you explore the country, you will find spectacular shops full of colors and crafts. But what are the Best Souvenirs from Perú? Below, we present the 20 most popular options to go shopping in Peru and bring many souvenirs and gifts home.

What are the Best Souvenirs from Perú?

1. Alpaca Clothing

From sweaters, hats, scarves, to blankets, they are souvenirs from Peru that will last you for a long time; you will find stores full of alpaca products. Which are as refined as cashmere; both are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and best of all, they are not itchy.

Clothes made from baby alpaca are made from the fur of an alpaca’s first shave, therefore, it is super soft. Many products claim to be made from 100% baby alpaca, but there are many possibilities that they are mixed with alpaca wool or even acrylic or synthetic material.

2. Fabrics

The traditional clothing of Peru ranges from footwear to bags that are made of a bright and resistant fabric. Stores have many beautiful fabrics that are often used for table linens and cushion covers. It is the perfect gift from Peru for your home; choose the best fabric to give life to your home.

3. Chullo

The chullo is an Andean style hat with ear flaps that can be tied to the chin. They are made with vicuña, alpaca, llama or sheep wool, they are an excellent accessory to tolerate high altitudes while you make a trip to the Colca canyon or cross the Andes. The smallest chullos can serve to be the cover of your bottle of pisco.

4. Backpacks

In case you need something to store all your souvenirs from Peru, then what you need is a backpack. You can find these handmade backpacks, made with the same traditional fabric, in many places or you can also get a large travel backpack in trekking stores.

Duffel bags also come in these traditional designs.

5. Paintings

Perhaps the best gift from Peru is to bring home some art for you to admire every day. The paintings that capture the Peruvian woman dressed in her traditional attire are as incomparable as those that have the landscape of Machu Picchu. Visit one of the many galleries or wander the streets with artisans selling their own paintings around the Plaza de Armas in Cusco.

6. Musical Instruments

Peruvian music is a beautiful thing to listen to and it has Andean, Spanish and African influences. If you are passionate about music, then the best souvenir from Peru is a new instrument. From a panpipe; made from eleven reed pipes, known as Antara, bass drums, to the string instrument, Charango.

7. Altarpieces

The altarpieces are colorful altars made with wood, which represent something religious, historical or even daily situations of Peruvian daily life. The small figures on the altars usually have two levels: The upper one symbolizes the sky and the sacred Andean animals, while the lower one reflects life on earth. The sizes and prices are varied, as well as the scenes inside.

8. Chipped Mates

These Peruvian crafts are quite traditional and their origins go back 3,500 years. The mates tell of the customs, culture, its people, its history and the animals. Use them to decorate your Christmas tree or to decorate your home.

9. Fabrics

Weaving is a skill that has been imparted generation after generation. The designs, colors and quality of the fabrics vary from one region to another. Many of the pieces represent native beliefs and in the design you find many references, such as the Inca cross or the sacred animals. You can find everything from handkerchiefs, rugs, covers, hammocks and much more.

10. Pisco

This 38-48 ° liquor is the base of Peru’s national drink, Pisco Sour. Many city tours end with a small sample of how to make Pisco Sour; You won’t want to leave Peru without trying such a unique drink made with egg white. Check, before buying Pisco, what is the limit of degrees of alcohol in drinks in your country. For those interested in visiting the vineyard, El catador is one of the largest vineyards in Peru.

11. Coca candy

Coca is a popular natural remedy for altitude sickness. In the surroundings of Peru, you can find candies, tea and coca leaves. Before buying them as a souvenir from Peru, check if it is allowed in your country. For example, it is illegal to bring tea or coca leaves to the US; but candy is allowed.

12. Pink Salt

If you are a passionate chef, or just want to impress your guests with a great dinner, then you may want to add this item to your basket. The pink salt is mined from an ancient ocean trapped 10,000 feet underground in the Andean mountains. Visit the salt mines of Maras to see for yourself.

13. Friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets are super accessible; They do not cover much in the suitcase and can be used with whatever. You may have noticed many travelers in the city wearing these bracelets as a memento of their travels. Even if you are not a full-time traveler, you will like how this souvenir from Peru will look like once you return home.

14. Inca Cross

This Inca necklace may only look like a geometric figure, but after your trip through Peru, you will understand that this cross has a very deep importance and meaning for the Quechuas; You will find the cross engraved in many of the archaeological sites. In short, the hole in the center is said to represent the city of Cusco, the capital of the Inca empire, and the southern cross constellation.

The cross is divided into four quadrants, with 3 squares for each one. The first quadrant represents the levels of the world: the lowest, the world of the dead, the middle one, for human life and the upper one for the gods and celestial beings. The second quadrant represents the revered animals of each world: the snake, the puma and the condor.

The third quadrant refers to the Inca rules: Don’t steal, don’t lie, and don’t be lazy. And the fourth quadrant represents human principles: love, knowledge and effort.

15. Bull of Pucará

The torito de Pucará are commonly wedding gifts in Peru for happy couples. If you look closely at the roofs in Peru, you may see these bulls, which are believed to attract fertility, prosperity, happiness, and home protection. If you wish the same for someone you know, it is the perfect gift to take home.

16. Ekeko, the god of abundance

Ekeko is the god of abundance, prosperity and fortune. Instead of buying this for yourself, you should gift it to someone you hope will succeed. The small offerings made to the god is what many hope to receive or achieve in the future.

17. Andean dolls

One of the best things about Peru is its people. These dolls are a wonderful gift for children to learn about different lifestyles, cultures, and the traditional clothing of Peruvian women.

18. Stuffed alpacas

First, you have to get a selfie with an alpaca in real life, then you stop by your alpaca to go. Whether it’s a keychain for you or a stuffed animal for the children; or simply to put it in the center of the sofa in the middle of a conversation. You’ll have a hard time letting these fluffy friends go, so bring souvenirs from Peru to everyone.

19. Finger puppets

On your trip through Peru, you will hear many stories of the ancient Inca civilization. Take your puppets made of wool and use them to tell these stories to the little ones at home.

How much does an Alpaca Blanket cost in Perú?

If you have decided to buy an alpaca blanket as a souvenir, when you travel to Perú, probably you will ask yourself how much does an Alpaca Blanket cost in Perú?

Well, a 100% Alapaca Baby Blanket can cost between USD 159 and USD 169.

The Best Souvenirs from Perú are sweaters (sweaters), scarves, ponchos, dresses, vests, hats, gloves, coats, ruanas, blankets, shawls, generally all the garments created in alpaca wool are used in this market.

Average Cost of Souvenirs in Perú

Now we will explain you the Average Cost of Souvenirs in Perú.

Well, the average cost of Souvenirs in Perú depends a lot on how much you want to buy, with about 20 soles you can buy many well-paid and very beautiful souvenir keychains, also that you can give them to more than one person and everyone will love the Peruvian decorations.

There is something for all budgets! And if you only want to see the souvenirs, just go there, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

It is important to remember that in all markets in Perú there is bargaining and that prices are not usually fixed. If the gift exceeds S / 30, you can surely ask for discounts of up to S / 5.

The best known and most complete is undoubtedly the Inca Market, in Av. Petit Thouars block 52, where you can buy souvenirs of all kinds and accept credit cards; In the Historic Center there are some options, especially next to the Plaza de Armas and the most complete ones in Jirón Camaná and Conde Superunda.

In block 9 of Avenida La Marina, in the Pueblo Libre district, is the Avenida La Marina Fair, where there is a great variety of handicrafts and textiles, as well as silver jewelry, ceramics and wood carvings.

There are also some options with higher prices in Miraflores, in Av. Larco or in the Peruvian jewelry store Ilaria, which has boutiques inside the Marriott Hotel (opposite Larcomar), in Saga Falabella or even at the airport. The airport may be the last option if you forgot or didn’t have time to buy your gift, but prices will be through the roof.

The “Plazoleta de Santo Domingo”, located in the center of Lima, where you can go shopping for handicrafts at prices much cheaper than what you can get in tourist districts such as Miraflores.

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