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Andahuaylillas in Cusco

The town of Andahuaylillas (Quispicanchis province) is 40 kms. from the city of Cusco, on the road that leads to the Puno region. Its original name is Antahuaylla means on the plain, later in colonial times it was as Andahuaylillas. The place is calm and you can breathe pure and warm air. Its beautiful colonial structure, the traditions of the place, the Plaza de Armas and especially the church of San Pedro de Andahuaylillas stand out.

If you do the Tour to the South Valley of Cusco, you will know the place at the end of your route. It is really beautiful and one finds the best silver craftsmen in Cusco. They have amazing work and the prices are really incredible. They also make alpaca sweaters and crafts.

Attractions in Andahuaylillas

The San Pedro de Andahuaylillas church

The San Pedro de Andahuaylillas church was built in the 16th century, which is one of the greatest attractions for local and international travelers. It is considered the Sistine Chapel of Americaand Cusco because it contains works of great artistic quality and unique beauty.

The façade is located on an esplanade in the square, to enter we must climb some stone stairs that come from stones collected from an Inca settlement near the place. In the upper part there is a balcony (as can be seen in the photo), and in the atrium, three stone crosses with pre-Columbian engravings.

The interior of the Sistine Chapel of Cusco is ornamented with wall paintings, baroque altars, wood carvings and presents beautiful paintings from the Cusco School of Painting, which had its heyday in colonial times. The mural paintings stand out, which show themes related to: good and evil, sin and virtue, heaven and hell, stories from the bible and the saints.

Its structure is beautiful but modest, its interior is impressive. Among the most outstanding is a painting of the Virgin of the Assumption, whose author is the Spanish Esteban Murillo. You can also consider the murals of Luis Riaño and a beautiful oil painting of the archangel San Miguel. In addition, the painting of the Virgin of the Rosary that is in the chapel of has been attributed to Diego Quispe Tito. On the other hand there are various anonymous pictures in the place of impressive beauty

The entrance to the San Pedro church is from Monday to Sunday from 7:30 to 5:30 pm. The Museum is located next to the church with lithic remains, collections, utensils and mummies. Nearby there are some textile and silver craftsmen

Entrance to the Sistine Chapel of Cusco

Admission for adults is S /. 10 and children and students S /. 5 to enter the Andahuaylillas Temple. The Cusco Tourist Ticket does not include this tour. It is the only route in Valle Sur that is not included in the Full Ticket. General admission is from 7:30 to 5:30 pm. Religious services are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 am. at 6 pm. and Sundays at 10:30 am. The place does not allow taking pictures.

Andahuaylillas Square

The Plaza de Armas is surrounded by pisonay or coral trees and also palm trees. It is one of the most traditional and oldest squares in Cusco. Around the square are artisan shops that show their work, there are also stalls selling products of all kinds.