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Travel Guide Ica


Ica is the capital of the department of the same name, Ica is one of the ideal destinations to escape to. Because in Ica the dunes of its enormous deserts protect the cultural and historical legacy of ancient civilizations, as well as the location of an oasis like the Huacachina.

This region is 4 hours away from the city of Lima.  In Ica you can find activities in the Pacific Ocean like the visit to the National Reserve of Paracas, where you can travel by boat to the Ballestas Islands.


Ica is located in the south-central part of Peru, capital of the department of Ica. It is four hours from the city of Lima.


To get to the city of Ica the first option is to take a bus and/or car from Lima, Ica is 340Km away, the trip takes 4 hours approximately.    


Sol ( S/ ). is the official currency of Peru.


The climate in Ica is hot, desert-like and dry during the day. With an average temperature of 22°C, the presence of paracas or strong winds is very common during the summer months.


The transport in Ica consists of Collective transport, taxis, mototaxi, and buses that carry out the transport from Lima to Ica which make departures every 10 minutes.  


The best places to stay in Ica are the hotels in Nazca, as well as the hotels in Paracas, which are recommended.


1.- Buggies & Sandboard in Huacachina

The Buggy tour is one of the most popular activities that you can’t miss if you make the trip to Ica – Huacachina, the sand cars take you at full speed up dunes and down dunes. You will make stops at places where you can take photos and practice Sandboarding.  

Sandboarding is one of the adventure activities, which consists of sliding down the dunes of Ica like a skier, in this case instead of throwing us feet, we lie down on the board, this activity is done on the Peruvian desert of the famous Huacachina Lagoon.   

2.- Walk around the oasis – Huacachina Lagoon

The name Huacachina Oasis means “Woman who cries” in Quechua, the legend says that this lagoon was born from the tears of a beautiful woman with green eyes who was crying for the death of her beloved. 

The colour of the water of the Huacachina Lagoon is emerald green, which arose due to the upwelling of underground currents. It is one of the most beautiful places on the Peruvian coast.

3.- Excursion to the Paracas National Reserve

The National Reserve of Paracas is one of the areas that protects our coastal marine ecosystem. It also protects several archaeological remains of the Paracas culture.

Located in the province of Pisco, in the department of Ica, in the tour you will be able to observe candelabra figures related to the Nazca lines.

4.- Flight over the Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines were declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. They are ancient geoglyphs found in the pampas of Jumana, in the Nazca desert, which were created by the Nazca culture. They are made up of several hundred figures ranging from simple designs to complex lines.

5.- Vineyard of the Pisco Route

Pisco is Peru’s flagship drink, which has won awards and recognition worldwide. On this route you will visit the vineyards and wineries of Chincha and Ica, being these places where the first vineyards brought by the Spaniards were harvested.

 In addition, you can enjoy the joyful traditions and gastronomy of Ica or simply drink a good Pisco. Cheers!

6.- Park of the Witches of Cachiche

The park is located in the town of Cachiche. It is said that in this place existed women with supernatural powers, which they used to eliminate the evils of the body and also to prepare special concoctions and potions for various acts of bewitchment.

The most famous and experienced witch was Julia Hernandez Chest, of whom a bronze statue was made in the middle of the village.