The last capital of the Incas was established in the Vilcabamba or Antis region, which was the most complicated and inaccessible by the warrior tribes that were in the 16th century. The territory of Vilcabamba is located northwest of the city of Cusco, in the province of the Convention (Quillabamba), in the eastern mountain range of the Andes; It has a chain of snowy peaks and mountains of high jungle with different climatic changes constantly. It is bounded by two of the deepest canyons; the Apurimac canyon. That runs through the left bank and on the right bank the canyon of the Willkamayu (Sacred River) by both run very powerful rivers that sculpted and sculpt one of the most beautiful and spectacular landscapes of our Andean region.

This territory has an infinity of microclimates, landscape from high snowy peaks with more than 6000 m.a.s.l., passing through high Andean plateaus until reaching an endless cloud forest or jungle eyebrow.

This region was dominated by Manco Inca after the western invasion, it included several nuclei, settlements with constructions of sacred places, built previously and with a complex network of Inca road, extended to the presence of Manco Inca, Sayri Tupac, Titu Cusi Yupanqui and Tupac Amaru I. They decided to create a NEO IMPERIAL state, with the purpose of preserving all the knowledge in religion, astronomy, customs and traditions of an ancient Inca society.

Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights.
Altitude: 1,500 – 3,030 m.a.s.l.
Season: :
All Year.
Cusco – Chiquisca – Marampata – Choquequirao – Carmen Huerto – Tambobamba – Huanipaca




The departure for this walk is early in the morning northwest of the city of Cusco (3.350 m.a.s.l.) on a tourist transport to the town of Cachora (2850 m.a.s.l.). Cachora is surrounded by mountains and the majestic snowy Padreyoc (5.571 m.a.s.l.). This is the meeting place with the muleteers and their mules that must carry all the camping equipment along this expedition. At the moment of starting to walk with some ecological slopes we will have the presence of the enormous deity of Padreyoc at the Capuliyoc pass (2.800 m.a.s.l.). From Capuliyoc we will have a spectacular presence of the Apurímac canyon and part of the Archaeological complex of Choquequirao, which by way of a short rest we will observe our way downhill that goes serpentine along the edge of the mountain to the camping site that will be Chiquisca (1.930 m.a.s.l.). Walking time 07:00 hours in warm weather


After having enjoyed our delicious breakfast, we begin to descend approximately one hour to La Playa Rosalina (1.500 m.a.s.l.). From here it is the beginning of ascent to leave the canyon, in a very warm climate to the town of Marampata (2.850 m.a.s.l.), where we will have a beautiful view of the archaeological complex of Choquequirao. The phenomenon of the sunset is enigmatic in Choquequirao accompanied by an Andean symbol the “Condor”, which descends from the highest mountains of the Vilcabamba mountain range to the archaeological complex of Choquequirao (3033 m.a.s.l.), where our camp will be. Walking time 7 hours in warm and cold weather.


We will observe the sunrise over the archaeological complex of Choquequirao (3033 m.a.s.l), accompanied by a professional guide an introduction will be made concerning the history, ruins and recent excavations found. Currently in Choquequirao it maintains many ancestral secrets, because at the moment there is only 30% of the ruin restored, knowing that this very important project will be completed and presented to the eyes of the world “The Cradle of Gold” from now 10 years with a deep knowledge of the specific function of Choquequirao, which is quite an enigma. After the visit to Choquequirao we will have to leave the main place and take our backpacks to descend a path not as common as the one usually visited. That along this new route we will have impressive views, such as the Apurimac canyon, in its greatest length, goodness in flora and fauna. With a slope between Choquequirao and San Ignacio beach (1.500 m.a.s.l.), deep. And ascend to the campsite in a beautiful paradise known as Carmen Huerto (2.000 m.s.n.m.). Walking time 5 hours. Moderate warm weather with mosquitoes


El Huerto Carmen, is close to the Tambobamba farm, which in the years of colonization was ruled by landowner’s top authorities in their regions. They had subjected their servants as slaves and large hectares of cultivation. They were very rich in the cultivation of their agricultural products, livestock etc. Tambobamba (2.500 m.a.s.l.) currently offers you a lot of natural wealth in different areas of agricultural and livestock production, preserving the tradition and knowledge of our Andean ancestors.

Continuing the tour, we will be visiting communities such as Pacobamba and Huanipaca (3150 m.a.s.l.). From the community of Huanipaca there is the best breathtaking view of the “Sacsarayoc” glacier chain, located in the Vilcabamba region “The last refuge of the Incas”. And in a moment we will have the transport service that will take us back to the city of Cusco. Walking time 05:00 hours. Moderate warm weather.

We offer you an additional day to enjoy more time in the archaeological complex of Choquequirao and the thermal baths of Cconoc.

On the way back to Cusco, we will stop in Cconoc and have fun in the natural thermal waters, having many healing and relaxing benefits.



  • Bilingual English or Spanish Guide Service (Request Language).
  • Private transportation from Cusco to Cachora.
  • Private transport from Huanipaca to Cusco.
  • Entrance to the archaeological complex of Choquequirao.
  • Food during the excursion.
  • Cook and kitchen assistant.
  • Shop and kitchen equipment.
  • Camping equipment (Store for customers, mats, dining room with tables and chairs).
  • Muleteers and porters.
  • Emergency horse
  • Cargo horses for camping equipment, food and personal backpack of the passenger.
  • First aid kit and oxygen balloon.


  • Breakfast 1st Day.
  • Sleeping bag.




  • All rates are expressed in US dollars (optional for currency exchange) and are scheduled per person.
  • Rates valid only for Peruvians include IGV.
  • All our rates are subject to availability and change.
  • The Deposit is not refundable.
  • There is no deposit refund when the visitor decides to leave the trip.
  • All passengers must carry the following documents: Passport and student card when appropriate.
  • Passengers must have their travel insurance covering the following: Personal Accidents, Medical Expenses and Loss of Belongings.
  • The first 50% deposit will be at 24 Hrs. confirmed the availability of spaces since the Inka Trail has a greater demand for visitors.
  • The remaining balance of 50% will be paid 20 days before the Adventure Tour.
  • All trips that are canceled 15 days prior to the trip departure will be subject to the withholding of cancellation fees for services already paid.
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