The Ballestas Islands are islands that are in the Pacific Ocean, close to the coast of Peru.

They are 260 km south of Lima, near the city of Paracas in the province of Pisco. The landing of tourists on these islands is not allowed, so as not to disturb the animals that live there, but the boats are close enough so that they can enjoy the beauty of these animals. The abundant life that exists in the bay of Paracas and the islands is made possible by the cold currents of Humboldt.

The current of Humboldt is the one that fills the waters of the Ballestas Islands with plankton and microorganisms, enriching this sea even more with schools of fish such as flounder, cushions, sea bass, toyos and anchovies. The Humboldt penguin lives on the desert coasts of Peru and Chile, another name given to these penguins is Pajaro Niño, they eat anchovy and silverside and live up to 20 years. They have 2 chicks a year and incubate the egg 40 days. Their nests do it in the ground by digging, or deposit them in the guano.

Thousands of seabirds fly between the Ballestas Islands and their nests can be seen on the rocks, among them we have the pelican, condor, boobies, flamingos, etc. Sea lions probably approach the boat and many penguins are seen on the hills and also in the water. Sea lions stationed on the rocky beaches that hit the waves fight fiercely to maintain the hegemony of their harem, usually composed of 12 females. Dolphins frequently visit the waters around the Ballestas Islands.

Duration: 02:00 Hours BOOK NOW
Altitude: 0 – 50 m.s.n.m
Temperature: MIN: 10 ° C MAX: 30 °
Route: Closed.
Places: Paracas Reserve – Ballestas Islands


Pick up of our passengers from your hotel approximately 07:45 a.m. and then you will be transferred to the artisanal pier of the Chaco where you will take a sliding boat towards the Paracas reserve.

During our tour we will stop to appreciate the enigmatic figure of the Candelabra, an impressive design drawn on the side of a hill in the bay of Paracas. No one knows for sure who made this figure or why. There are actually many hypotheses regarding their origin; Some believe that it is related to the Nazca Lines, which are located about 120 km. To the south, others accredit its construction to the old pirates, who reportedly made it as a reference point to be able to be guided, due to the dense fog of the area. Our captain will make a stop in front of the figure and our local guide will explain about it.

Then we will continue towards the Ballestas Islands. Once we arrive at the Islands, visitors will enjoy an impressive marine scene full of birds and sea lions. Here we will travel in our boat around the islands, through caves, rock formations and appreciate many other aquatic species. Due to its semi-tropical location, it is a bit hot, so we recommend bringing sunscreen and a cap to protect yourself from sunlight. Once we have visited all the islands with our yacht we will return to the Chaco pier.


This day’s breakfast will depend on the time of departure transfer from the hotel.

The excursion hours will be reconfirmed at destination.



  • For this boat trip, it is necessary to bring a jacket or windbreak, since it is windy once the boat engine has been started.
  • Sunblock cream, a cap and sunglasses.
  • Camera
  • Extra money.


  • Pick up from your Hotel in Paracas.
  • Tourist Mobility.
  • Tickets.
  • Professional Guide.
  • Transfer to your Hotel at the end of the Tour


  • Other services not mentioned.




  • All rates are expressed in US dollars (optional for currency exchange) and are scheduled per person.
  • Rates valid only for Peruvians include IGV.
  • All our rates are subject to availability and change.
  • Children under 02 years 11 months are considered INF (infant), do not pay for any service, and have no right to food, bed or seat on tours.
  • Children from 03 years to 10 years 11 months are considered CHD (child), have a special rate and share a room with their parents.
  • Children over 11 years considered as adults.
  • Minors must travel with an identity document.
  • Rates do not apply for holidays, Easter, Long Weekends, National Holidays, Christmas or New Year.
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